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With social media, the ease of use is one of the most important factors for its popularity and possibly the reason why Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms globally. With over 700 million subscribers Instagram is one of the most versatile social media platforms. Versatile because it's so easy and everything is just at a click of a picture. Back in October 2010 gaining followers by doing anything on Instagram would have been right but today with so many users on Instagram how would you make sure that you get the maximum number of followers? Intrigued by this very question we went out on a quest to find out the best way to be an Instagram Pro. And here we will be talking about how you can be an Instagram Pro in just 6 easy…show more content…
Because if you are passionate about something it will definitely show up in the way you present it in a picture or a photograph. Post Stories Everyday There are no shortcuts to gain popularity or get a huge number of followers on Instagram. But as with any social media platform, Instagram also has a very simple rule. the more you share the more popular you'll get. so if you want to become popular on Instagram you'll have to make sure that you post new pictures on your feed every day. and it's not that difficult as well. all you need to do is post one or two pictures a day and if you do it consistently you are bound to get many followers. but just posting pictures on Instagram will only take you so far, make sure that you are posting something that you really like and you make use of all the relevant hashtags to help people find it as well. Engage With Your Audience great pictures hashtags and interesting topics are a great way to get new followers on Instagram. but as quickly as you can get new followers it is very easy to lose all those followers as well. so how will you make sure that all the followers that are following you on Instagram stay with you? well, it's very simple. all I need to do is engage with your audience from time to

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