Informative Speech On Ischemia Heart Disease

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Today, I will share to you the Ischemia Heart Disease. The Ischemia Heart Disease has been one of the most deadliest disease known for almost 2 decades (20 years). This disease can kill anyone in just one heart stroke. The main idea of this disease is that you get a heart attack due to the fact when plenty of your veins start to fill up of plaque and blood or as known as a blood clot, you get a heart attack. The blood flow and oxygen flow is incorrect or in simple words, the current of blood stops flowing through you body correctly.


Ischemia Heart Disease or Coronary Heart Disease is the narrowing of the blood vessels that supply the heart with blood and oxygen. These Arteries Include: 1. Left Anterior Descending Artery 2. Left Circumflex Artery 3. Right Coronary Artery. When these arteries are narrowed, the blood flow and oxygen circulation is forced to stop causing your body to have less movement. This is a very dangerous disease due to the fact that when the blood clot occurs in the body, your heart may stop pumping blood and inhaling/exhaling oxygen which leads to certain heart attacks and/or death.
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These Include:
Coronary Heart Bypass Surgery ( Bypass Graft) - the blood vessel is removed or redirected from one area of the body and placed around the area or areas of narrowing in order to "bypass" the blockages and restore blood flow to the heart muscle. This vessel is called a graft. These substitute blood vessels can come from your chest, legs, or arms. They're safe to use because there are other pathways that take blood to and from those tissues. The surgeon will decide which graft(s) to use depending on the location of your blockage, the amount of blockage and the size of your coronary arteries.

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