Informative Speech On Knitting-Club

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I. Introduction:
a. Attention Getter: The moment you find someone with the same mindset as you, your world changes, you realize that yes, the world is unpredictable, but through teamwork and support, any goal is possible.
b. Introduce Topic: Educational Institutes provide scholars with multiple opportunities for success, schools give students degrees, but they often neglect the socio-economical perspective behind each child. One way schools can support the creative ideas of their students is by offering and supporting extracurricular activities.
c. Credibility: Throughout my academic career, I was able to explore, learn, and grow by joining various clubs. I learned how to knit through knitting-club. Inform my peers about sexual-health through
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a. Main Point 1: Joining a club will help students build a network for future success.
i. Community service clubs were the original networks. “The oldest, Rotary, was established in 1905 by Chicago lawyer Paul Harris” states Tribune Business News “the idea was that one person from each profession would belong and members would, among other things, help each other in business.” ii. One reason students disregard the importance of extracurricular activities is because they fail to acknowledge that by joining a club, you develop connection with multiple organizations as well as people. iii. You meet people who will be able to help you reach a goal, they might even be the ones offering opportunities for long term success. iv. Occupational Outlook Quarterly states “Extracurricular activities also can help in the world of work. In addition to skills developed in activities that are applicable to careers, extracurricular connections may be a source of networking.”
v. There is so much competition in the world, when applying for a job they ask you two things, have you met the academic requirements needed and what have you done for your community. vi. When someone gets involved in something, it’s easier to get
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