Informative Speech On Malala

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Malala Malala Yousafzai, is an ordinary teenage girl that wanted to get educated and she fought for what she thought was right. Malala was not only fighting for her education but for the other girls that wanted to get educated too but that did not have the strength and the courage to speak up. She was the brave one. She stood up to those who didn’t let her get educated, she went through some really affliction times due to the cause that she got shot but that didn’t detain her she was brave and kept fighting until she was able to get the education she and other girls wanted and needed. Malala used a preview aspect of her life to persuade her speech which is about her life to persuade about the terrorist shot. She wanted to find a solution by telling her story, and the solution was to receive education for everyone. Malala's speech portrays the use of emotional language, an active voice and logic to create and effective speech and to get her message across.…show more content…
Her life was nothing easy and getting education caused a lot of contradictions, there has been thousand of people being killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured and she is one of them. The voice of Malala is to create a kind of attention between the terrorists shot and people who don’t receive human rights such as education. One of another ways that Malala used pathos, is that, she used the description of her hometown,family and their morals. One way Malala affected the world through pathos is it recreated an organization called we are
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