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Have you ever seen different types of fungus before? I am going to share with you a type of fungus that you might have not heard about before. The fungus that I will be telling you about is microsporidia. Microsporidia is gram negative and found in many living things. Microsporidia is harmful to many living species. Microsporidia is a various gathering of intracellular eukaryotic parasites.

First, where are Microsporidia found? Microsporidia have just as of late been recorded to parasite people, and more research is expected to comprehend this rising irresistible ailment. Since the microsporidian species are so significantly numbered and their hosts so differed, these parasites can be found in numerous sorts of biological communities. What is the Microsporidia life cycle? 1. The spore infuses the infective protoplasm into the eukaryotic host cell through the polar tubule. 2.At the point when the spores increment in number and totally fill the host cell cytoplasm, the cell film is disturbed and discharges the spores to the environment. There are many places that Microsporidia can be found in.
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Normally, microsporidia do not cause disease in healthy people but in people with immune system deficiency. It is specially very common in insects and fish. What harm can it cause? It can cause kidney disease, infection of the eyes and sinuses, and cause chronic diarrhea. Microsporidia causes a disease called Microsporidiosis. Microsporidia can be found in many living things and can cause

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