Informative Speech On Mike Tyson

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Today I am going to inform you guys about the achievements Mike Tyson has made throughout his boxing career, the crazy behavior he has picked up in the ring and the Mike Tyson Foundation he has created to help others.
Michael Tyson was known for being unbeatable, he was the king of knock outs, the killer machine. Most analyst say that never before has one individual captured so much attention in the ring besides Muhammad Ali. He is known to be the most brutal man to ever enter the professional boxing ring. According to the New York Times published on November 22, 1986 by Dave Anderson, “Mike Tyson was like an engaged pit-bull”, that couldn’t be stop. Unlike most professional boxers, Mike Tyson went into the ring full of range wanting
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He’s had back to back victories. By the age of 20, he won 22 back to back matches and 21 of those were declared as knockouts. Beating Floyd Patterson’s record, Mike Tyson became the youngest in history to win the World Boxing Council heavy weight championship, taking the title away from 33 year old Trevor Berbick. He knocked Berbick out with a left hook within 2.35 seconds in the second round. The average Mike Tyson fight only has lasted a little over the third round. After the match, according to, last searched on April 10th, 2016, Berbick liked Tyson and admitted Tyson was a very good puncher, quoting “he’s quick and punches very hard”. Mike Tyson, who weighed 221 pounds reportedly earned $1.5 million for the fight. Berbick, the defeated champion, who only weighed 218…show more content…
He now has retired from his boxing career. Mike Tyson created the Mike Tyson Cares Foundation. Based on by Jackie Kalen, published on 2012, this foundation is a charity event that helps children in need. Creates innovative centers that provide for many children with broken homes. This foundation has silent auctions, that sell championship belts, signed gloves which some are even from Mike Tyson’s personal collection. Mike Tyson was determined to give back due to the way his childhood was. And by giving back, this foundation helps children with all kinds of things, like healthcare assistance, school assistance, shelter, mentoring and even job
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