Informative Speech On Native Americans

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You began to hear people talking, but it sounds like you’re under water. Their voice is muffled, but suddenly sharpen to where you can clearly hear someone yelling out your name. You then realize you’re out in the plains surrounded by acres of land. Your best friend then calls you again, telling you to come over to have a serious talk. He then starts to speak; voice smooth as a steady stroke on a cello, you began to hone in deeply. “I know you don’t smoke, I know this; but I want to make you feel good about yourself today. Its Friday; you don’t have a job… you don’t got shit to do. This cigarette is from the earth. God put this here for me and you. Take advantage man, its natural, it won’t hurt. Even our Natives use to do it. If they did it,…show more content…
Everyone knows the story of the Native Americans and what happened to their land. That whole shebang was horrific and unequal, but here we are in 2016 trying to be like more them. The ad keys in on setting the tone by using a landscape background with soft blues, greens, and yellows. These certain colors scream out joy, happiness, peace; the list goes on for days, but on the flip side of things this massacre was very vivid. There had to be blood and guts everywhere. Being very slick this ad pushed you to think about the good life the Natives once lived, or what they thought life was like. Through this the ad gives you a taste of what you’re missing in life. That relaxing feel, that sense of outdoors, and agriculture, the people who came up with this had knew how to precisely scam people. Getting you to think of how you could and should be feeling in life. By using some much of the softer colors, as we say in art, the viewer would be less disturbed. This allowed them to have room to add red around the Indian to help make him pop…show more content…
This also contribute in selling their story of it being okay to smoke cigarettes. By having the cigarettes boldly placed in the direct center of the page, your eye is drawn directly to the product. Along with the product comes the Native American smoking surrounded by a vibrant red to help make him and his peace pipe pop out, like I previously stated. Designing this layout in such a way your eyes are directed in a circle motion that keeps you looking at the advertisement for fifteen to thirty seconds. The longer you look, the more likely you would be persuaded in buying what their selling. Another item that was specifically placed was the text. Due to the small font and how the warning labels were thrown to the side shows you that they didn’t want their viewers to pay much attention, if any, because you would be remined of reality. These warning labels are only listed because by law it must be, but I can bet if they didn’t have to it wouldn’t be anywhere near this ad. In addition to having the labels in this way, this ad doesn’t want you to be reminded by how cigarettes are still cancer sticks. How yearly, roughly 443,000 people died from smoking. Or even how one could harm those around them when smoking one of those killers.
An ad you say? More like a scummy bastard. Getting you to feel bad and low about yourself just to get you to buy a worthless product; they’ll do anything I tell you. They’re the
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