Informative Speech On Obesity

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I. Are you getting a bit tired of that three inch spare tire around your waist? Are you becoming fat, lazy?
II. Let 's take a look, work out, and improve your muscularity, or sit down on a comfortable sofa with a glass of carbonated drink and watch your most-liked evening television drama. What would you prefer?
III. This kind of thought might be early sign that you are actually leading to an unhealthy lifestyle which is known as obesity.
IV. Obesity is a condition of human body that is not as desirable Body Mass Index (BMI) due to accumulation of the excess body fat in the blood vessels.
A. According to Gary D. Foster, author of the article Primary Physicians’ Attitudes about Obesity and it’s Treatment ,this disease become epidemic in the society and not being solved as the patients’ fears to treat obesity is mainly due to their negative approaches towards this problem.
V. As we all know, the main trigger for a person to be obesity is due to excessive intake of food.
A. It is a persistent companion to human and cannot be separated.
B. Examples of healthy foods that help in maintaining balance diet are fruits and carb-rich.
C. Junk food include snacks, crackers and chocolates that give rise to unhealthy lifestyle.
D. In an analysis written in the article of The Lancet , people reported that obese children devour more total drinks, such as sugar-sweetened drinks, milk, cordials, and fruit drinks in each day.
VI. How bad it can actually effect our precious

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