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Look around, and try to find an everyday object that is not made out of plastic. You should find only a few. Plastic takes up more than 75% of our everyday items… And humans are facing the pollution that plastic is causing to the earth. There isn 't a realistic solution to this, because plastic is used in automobile tires, and also is used in electronic devices, silicon etc. The reason plastic is used in many products is because it can withstand up to tons of pressure per cm3, is cheap, is durable, and finally, there is no worry for discoloring. But these days, plastic is becoming a major problem the world has to deal with. Plastic is thrown into the ocean, and it is breaking down into very small pieces, and killing marine life, as they mistake those pieces to their prey. As a matter of fact, nearly all plastics are recyclable, but it 's the recycling companies ' machines that refuse to recycle that kind of plastic( I. Plastic, what have you done? First and foremost, plastics have made a great impact on our lives. Plastic was an innovative material that was invented by Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1907, who was living in New York state. The word plastic comes from the Greek word πλαστικός (plastikos), which means "capable of being shaped or molded". It was a very big innovation at that time. Did anybody know at that time, a few decades later, the sea would have more pieces of plastic than fishes? That is where the initial problem begins, a few decades later,

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