Informative Speech On Pole Vaulting

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Grabber: Have you ever wanted to free-fall from 8-15 feet? Well as a pole vaulter you can!
In it for me: Not only is it a lot of fun, but it is also great exercise and a way to become physically fit.
Thesis: Pole vaulting is a super fun sport that everyone should learn how to do.
First I will show how to choose a pole, then the correct hand placement on the pole, jumping form, and the runway.
Let's start with pole selection.
The weight of the person is the most important factor when choosing a pole.
Weight of pole can also determine pole choice.
Pole length can become a factor once a person becomes more experienced and needs a longer pole.
Next we will move on to hand placement.
In starting position the right hand needs to face
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Arms also need to be directly over feet and completely straight.
Let’s look at the runway now.
First you need to plant to figure out where you have to start from.
Then you turn around and put your left foot where the toe of your foot previously was.
The next part, counting back your step, is usually a two person job.
So now I will show you the runway and the plant.
I am unable to show the follow through of the jump but I will explain it.
After the plant you need a “Springy take off and jump tall” (Coach Hill).
Then you need to bring your feet up and have your “hips above your lips” (Coach Hill).
Then once you are over the bar you need to turn in midair so that you now face the pole and bar.
Then you have to throw the pole back towards the direction you came from so it won’t hit the bar.
When learning to pole vault everyone needs to make sure that they choose the correct pole, have correct hand placement and jumping form, make sure they count their steps back correctly, and they have to do all the steps to follow through.
Pole vaulting is an amazing sport and everyone should try it!
With practice you could learn to fly as high as 15 feet high in the

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