Informative Speech On Puerto Rico

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Informative Speech Outline By: Katherine M Perez-Arroyo 1. Speech Topic: The History of Puerto Rico and its ties to the United States 2. Attention-Getter: Hi, my name is Kat and I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and I would like to ask you a question I was asked a few years ago when I was living in Topeka, Kansas “What kind of documentation do I need to travel to and from Puerto Rico? Do I need A. A Driver’s license B. A Passport C. A Visa D. A Coquí (small frog Species native to Puerto Rico)” 3. Statistic Slide: Project slide, and then inform them with a statistic to keep their attention. “According to The Economist-YouGov in 2016 they surveyed 2,000 random U.S. citizens conducted in 4 day span, and found that 56 percent of Americans…show more content…
Thanks to the Military Outpost known as El Morro in San Juan all attacks failed until “Boom Sound” The United States. Transition 2: “I have just informed you about Puerto Rico before it met the United States, now I’m going to discuss How The United States took her from Puerto Rico.” How the United States took her from Puerto Rico Source 3: “Puerto Rico.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, retrieved 19 Oct. 2017, Source 4: “Important Dates in Puerto Rico.” Robinson Library.Com, The Robinson Library, 26 June 2017, o in 1897 After many peasant rebels Puerto Rico became and independent provident of Spain o in Spring of 1898 invaded Puerto Rico o United States noticed the trouble in paradise o kicking out Spain o called it the Spanish-American War o December of 1898 the Treaty of Paris (9months later) o Control of…show more content…
After the WW2 this became the way to escape the large poverty population in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Ricans with residency in Puerto Rico cann’t vote in the US Primary elections or for congress only the nominate vote. Only Puerto Ricans with Residency in the 50 states can vote. 1918-1999 Many Military bases have open and closed of which only 1 base remains, It is The Buchanan Army base in Guaynabo Transition 4: “Now that you have heard my speech, I want you to remember these important points.” 7. Conclusion = Summary of important facts reviewed during the main points of the speech • Puerto Rico took a break from Spain in 1898 claiming some independence • United States did not hesitate to step in and kick Spain out • Years later the US and PR were engaged under the Jones Act making. No wedding date has been set. 8. Close with
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