Informative Speech On Puppy Mill

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Puppy Mills How many of you have ever bought a puppy from a pet store? Today I will tell you about how giving your money to pet stores benefits puppy mills. First by telling you what goes on in one, second by informing you on how they make profit off of you even when you don?t know it, and lastly how to avoid a mistreated dog or puppy for your family. Puppy mills scam you and make money off of you without you even knowing it. Iowa alone has some of the biggest and most puppy mills in the United States. (Peters) An Estimated 150,000 dogs and puppies are purchased through puppy mills each year, while there is only around 15,000 puppy mills in the U.S. (Theobald) Although it is not hard to become a licensed dog breeder, many people still fail at doing so and own a puppy mill instead. They do not consider these poor animals as pts, but only as money. (La Ganga) They are kept outside, they have no real shelter, but when they are kept inside they have no fresh…show more content…
Once an animal is bought at an animal shelter, they money from you goes straight to the original puppy mill without you knowing. When an animal shelter doesn?t have enough room for all of their animals, they turn to putting them down or letting them free. In often times, no kill shelters are the ones who let these poor animals go. (Vanden Brook) In this speech I?ve told you about how to stop these awful puppy mills from continuing to scam you. First by telling you what goes on in one, second by informing you in how they make profit from you even when you don?t know that it?s happening, and last by letting you know how to stop or avoid getting a mistreated animal as a member of your family from these heartless places. Now that you know what cruel places that some dogs and puppies come from, I hope you will put a little more time and thought into purchasing an animal from now
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