Informative Speech On Red Bellied Piranha

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Red Bellied Piranha
I am going to tell you interesting things about red bellied piranhas. If you have ever seen one you know what they look like, but if you haven 't I will tell you. I will tell you what the look like, what they eat and their diet and their habitat and I will tell you some cool facts.
First, When you look at a red bellied piranha you see a small fish they get up to 30 cm12 in long. Their bellies are either a reddish or yellowish tint depending on their habitat. Their faces are kind of flat where their nose and mouth is. They have small eyes too. Sometimes they have very tiny fins and other piranhas have bigger fins.
Second, Red bellied piranha 's eat mostly eat insects, crustaceans, small fish and even plants. They are

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