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I. The men that can work, execute, and kill, on sea, air, and land are known as the SEALs. This group was created in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy as a small military team to do unconventional warfare. They may not have the most people in their group, but they execute better than anyone. In World War two there was a group named “The Frogmen” that are similar to the SEALs today but they were not an official group. The Frogmen did operations in the sea, air, and land just like the SEALs. In 2001, President Bush began to lean toward this elite group to be hunter-killer teams dispatched to eliminate terrorists abroad after the 9/11 attacks. These men can be overseas or away from home for as many as 300 days out of the year. SEALs are often told not to tell anyone what they truly are. When asked, they usually tell strangers they are sailors. The Navy SEALs are the best-trained, most skilled, military group in the world, because of a strict selection process, rigorous training, and their tenacious mentality.

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SEALs are trained for everything.

A. The starting point is the Naval Academy.
1. Each SEAL must start off in the Naval Academy. The goal of the United States Naval Academy is to set the moral, mental and physical development of the students to provide the U.S. Navy with graduates who are dedicated to the Navy and bigger things.
2. The Naval Academy also produces candidates for the Navy’s highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.
3. Most midshipmen also become active in one or more of the 73 extracurricular activities, like choir, drum, bugle corps, publications, drama, flying clubs, and many more. However, it is not required.
a. Midshipmen is what the Naval Academy calls its students.
B. One of the four areas of programs the Naval Academy has, is Character

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