Shark Finning Persuasive Essay

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One hour, one hour is the time it took for 10,000 sharks to be slaughtered. In the oceans of our world, the same oceans you swam in last summer, the same oceans the movie Jaws was filmed, a mass killing is happening as we speak. Though this may seem horrific, overfishing of Sharks is very much a reality today. We are the true killers.

Shark finning is one of the leading causes of overfishing. Hong Kong and China dominate over 50% of the shark fin market. Though shark fins are extremely profitable, it is estimated that global demands for Sharks Fins are 250% larger than what the oceans can sustainably support. A Great White has 300 teeth,however, not even that is a tad bit frightening compared to 100 million. 100 Million is the number of sharks
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The Japanese Sea lion in the 70s, and The Baiji Chinese River Dolphin in 2006 have been victim to our careless actions. Let’s not make sharks the next.

World leaders, I am not here to just tell you about the demise of sharks, but to ask you to take action to halt their demise because this problem is on all our hands. As we speak ships are carrying fins to destinations across the world to your country. Currently, there is no international law to prohibit the selling of shark fins. Things such as imposing tax for exporting and importing shark fins can defiantly lower the demand for shark fins. A signing of a few papers, can be the signing of an everlasting protection for the sharks. Agreements made today, will reverberate down through the centuries.
The urgent decline of sharks and the impact it will have on us has not been felt yet, should not be felt and must not ever be felt.
It is time to speak up, it is time for the sharks to thrive again, it is time to global take action. If we do less than adequate, the regret will span for decades and centuries to come.
When you leave today, remember what time it is. Every hour of your day is a hour of death for 10,000 other

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