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Skin cancer The name of this disease is called Skin cancer. It's a type of skin tumor that is characterized by the cancerous growth of melanocytes. This is what causes the cells to produce a dark pigment called melanin. Anyone can get skin cancer. It's more likely for men and women in their 30’s and older to develop this disease. Even teenagers and, rarely, young children can still develop skin cancer. It's more common for someone with fair skin compared to someone darker to develop this but anyone is immune to it. An estimated 76,380 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S in 2016. 10,130 people will die from this horrible disease. Many Melanoma cases are caused by the sun. Patients experience many different kinds of solutions such as pills, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and may help you what what skin cancer you have. About 46,870 in men and 29,510 in women will be diagnosed with skin cancer. Only 10,130 people will die from it. 66,250 men and women will be saved and live. Doctors are working to learn more about skin cancer, ways to prevent it,…show more content…
No one ever wants to be diagnosed with any disease or disorder. They don't let you live your life how you want to live it. They make you disabled to some things and honestly it sucks. Especially if you can't do anything about it. The whole reason why i wanted to do the skin cancer topic is because my mom has skin cancer. I don't know exactly what kind she has, but it's not as bad as it can be. My mom got skin cancer from all for her sun burns when she was a kid and all the tanning places she went to. Surgery is the only way her skin cancer goes away. It usually comes back though and it makes her life horrible. She always has to stay out of the sun and be extra careful when she is outside. I am immune to getting any skin cancer. It sucks how we can get these diseases but its just how the world is and we can't change

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