Informative Speech On Snakes: Cold Blooded Animals

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Introduction I. Snakes are reptiles. They are cold-blooded animals with the amazing ability of raising and lowering their body temperatures to adapt to the environment. II. They are distinctively known for their long elongated body and scaly skin. III. Throughout the globe, there are over 3,000 snake species in this world. IV. They can be found almost everywhere in world. They can survive in forests. streams, oceans, and deserts V. As a matter of fact, every continent has at least one type of snake. VI. Since snakes do not fare well with cold climates all year round, they are not found in Antarctica. Islands like Ireland and New Zealand don’t have snakes too. (Transition: Let me begin the speech by looking at the first reason why…show more content…
A major problem with many pets is the dander they produce and the allergy it causes. 4. They do not cause you any sort of annoyance and anyone with allergy problem can fearlessly keep snakes as pets. B- Snakes do not smell and messy 1. Providing that you keep your snake’s enclosure clean and thoroughly disinfect it regularly, the snake is a completely odorless pet. 2. They do not feed very often nor eat very much, and so they do not produce much faces. 3. Daily removal of faces and urine, as well as any uneaten food, will ensure that your snake’s tank does not smell at all, unlike a great many other types of pets. C- Snakes are very quiet. 1. Dogs bark, cat’s meow, and pretty much every animal makes some kind of noise. 2. However, the snake only has the hiss for a vocal expression, which is quiet and non- intrusive. 3. You may also sometimes hear your snake digging about in the substrate of their tank, but it is certainly fair to say that snakes are almost silent pets. (Transition : Snake is danger but it can be a good pet for everyone) Conclusion I. Snakes are beautiful and unique animals. II. Having them as household pets is a very rewarding and unique
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