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Sneakers, a fashion, a sport, a shoe. I’m sure you remember learning how to tie your sneakers in preschool. Start by making a knot, then make a bunny ear, make the string go around the mountain and so on. According to recent research sneakers are one of the best-selling shoes of all time! But have you ever wondered why sneakers are so popular? Let’s find out! “Slop, Swish, slop.” Your foot is in a black gooey mess of melted rubber. Sneakers aren’t just popular now. In ancient times people groups called the Mayas, Olmecs, and Aztecs used melted rubber to make a version of what we call sneakers. This type of shoe was popular then because of its flexibility and resistance to water. This made it easier for people to work in rain or shine without getting their feet wet. But this was only the start of sneakers popularity. Later on through the 1830’s through the 1917s men, woman, and children of all ages were wearing different versions of the sneaker to fit their needs. Such as England’s Plimsoll sandshoe, America’s croquet and tennis shoe, and the 60 cent rubber soled shoe. All of these shoes were fit to give your feet the comfort they needed.…show more content…
Sneakers are designed to fit your sporting needs, whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, or baseball. Sneakers are made for you. Sneakers come in many colors, styles, and sizes to fit your needs. If you’ve ever played a sport you know that certain shoes are required to play the game. For instance, cleats are a type of sneaker used to grip the ground in lots of different sports. Or ice skates are a type of sneaker with a blade on the bottom to help you slide on ice in hockey. According to Forbes magazine, $22 billion dollars were spent on sneakers in America in the year of 2013! So sneakers are a sporting symbol as well. But once again why are sneakers so

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