The Importance Of Stress Management

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Attention All the Beneficiaries: Today am going to need full audience participation. Everyone just thinks more critically and creatively about the definition, causes, effects and the strategies of stress management (Seaward, 26). As we, all tries to image the damage of stress within our lives lets us concentrate more on the management of stress. Before we focus on weight management more, let us use first look at the other essential elements of fear that will be used as a baseline for stress management (Marti, 16). The first part of understanding stress understands the definition of stress. Stress is anything that causes psychological or physical imbalances in human healthy. Thus, stress is something that is inevitable throughout human life…show more content…
Before answering this question, lets us ask ourselves if stress is harmful to our health? If yes, how do we manage its effects for a better quality of life or normal health living (Marti, 16). Thus, using stress management models and techniques is the best way to manage stress impulses, causing factors as well as improving the quality of life. However, if you miss out the management models, plans and techniques you may seriously fall to the uncontrolled state of managing stress (Hayes & Professional Education Systems, 22). Today am to introduce to you on how to manage stress. Therefore, during the presentation, am going to present to you with the use of the visual aid on how stress affects us, how stress is caused and managed (Seaward,…show more content…
Adjusting mechanism for managing stress, will enable an individual adjust to his/her standards of avoiding stress by focusing only on the positive sides? (Hird, 24). Through adoption, you will be able tom accept the stress if uncontrolled by understanding that what does kill us makes as strong. In this approach, you will be able to look for your upset, share your feelings learning to forgive and creating time to feel fun and relaxed with adopted healthy lifestyle (Palmer & Cooper, 14).
Today you have learned how to manage stress responsively. Stress management techniques and strategies can only work efficiently if stress is clearly defined, sources of stress identified and the coping mechanism correctly initiated (Palmer & Cooper, 10).
Tie back to the attention all the Beneficiaries: the definition, causes, effects and the strategies of stress management are the essential points you should remember (Hird,14). So do not fall in the wrong part of managing your

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