Informative Speech On The Media

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Good morning everyone, Take a second and think about all the movies you watch and have watched, the cartoons, the Disney movies and the comedies on TV. Remember when you sang along with those Disney characters that you were so fond of, the very funny moments you watched of an overweight actor fall over because of their size, think about all those cartoons you watched when the girl with the glasses was considered the smart one and the girl with the pink outfit was the appealing one. Music, movies, tv shows, magazines, and advertisements promote gender stereotypes to children where in today 's world children are more involved with the internet, therefore, more affected by media. The images and stories, kids see in the media, play a significant role in framing their sense of what 's "acceptable" in society. How many of you watched at least 2 disney movies in your life? Definetely all of you. Disney movies are very popular worldwide and we all have sung along to our favorite songs, and they taught us how important family is and what true love is. However, these movies have been negatively influencing young innocent minds. Think about the movie “Tangled” which presents a Princess Rapunzel, who doesn 't dare leave her tower until a handsome man arrives to protect her and guide her to the lights she has been always dreaming about. This storyline only makes young girls believe they need a man to protect them and help them at a time of need. Disney characters, both female and
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