Informative Speech On Toddlers

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Toddler Development

I. Questioning a cool breeze that whips across the face. Which inherits the mind to think, causing it to start its beginning of learning. Natural curiosity is guaranteed in the human mind; it defends our culture. But why do toddlers, think and question everything? Well, becoming new to this world toddler want to soak up everything and as much as possible. That is why in this phase, toddlers are called “little sponges”. But once this is profound, they grow into “little investigators”. On this journey, children tend to learn about emotions and psychology then can enhance their emotions and characteristics. When toddlers hit age two they understand and observe certain behaviors. This stage is known as “terrible twos” because they are learning from their wrong behaviors. By this age, it is only the start to toddler development. Necessarily environmental structure is valued in toddler development, because their laboratory and playground is based on their surroundings. Therefore, environmental elements contribute to concentrated cognitive and physical advancements in toddlers.

II. Every toddler has their own pace, character, and control of emotions. Some parents may say that toddler development is the best stage in a child’s growth, while others may say it is the worst.

A. As any human being, the feeling of love is a necessity. Emotional needs are as important to the need for food and water.
1. If a child’s parents are arranging a divorce, most children will
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