Informative Speech On Torture

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Podcast Of Pain

Kenzie: Welcome to Podcast of Pain. It’s Kenzie here and today we are going to talk about harsh interrogation. Known as Torture. Today we have a special guest, Kayla! For the people who are unsure about torture/ harsh interrogation Kayla is going to be giving a brief summary.

Kayla: As you all know harsh interrogation known as torture is used often to get answers out of terrorists. There are many methods of torture. Some of the methods used for torture are sleep deprivement, taking clothes, harsh temperatures, stress positions, waterboarding, electrocution, and many more harsh treatments. The goal is to torture captives until they give up the information the interrogators are looking for. New methods of interrogation
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Let’s take some questions from our callers.

(phone rings)
Kenzie: Welcome to Podcast of Pain. It’s Kenzie.
Jack: Hey It’s Jack, from Squaw Valley, CA .
Kenzie: What is your question Jack?
Jack: Bruh, DARN I DROPPED MY SCONE ! Anyway sorry about that. So like there are many facts that say that torture is not very effective. So what my question is exactly what happens to the brain (physiologically) when you put someone through something like that?
Kayla’s answer: To answer your question torture affects the brain in a way that isn’t intended. Torture is intended to make the person “spill the beans.” However it’s been researched that when you are torturing someone to get them to give you answers, Physiologically the person will do anything to get out of the situation, they will tell you what you want to hear to stop the beating.
However, the form of high anxiety stress interrogation makes a person psychologically break down, they stress out and eventually crack under pressure. This form of physiological torture is more beneficial.
Jack: Oh cool, that makes a lot of sense now! Thanks!

(phone rings)
Kenzie: Hello! Welcome to Podcast of Pain
Abby: Hey everyone it’s , from Abby the

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