Informative Speech On Violin

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I. The violin is an important historical instrument even used by the kings of France and prince of Hungary. This instrument evolved from Asia with the instrument fithele. We get the word fiddle from the word fithele. Although the fithele evolved from Asia, it was mostly used by Europeans in the ninth century. Over the centuries the violin’s original design has undergone many changes, including how long the neck is. The neck of the violin was at first very short but Antonio Stradivari made it longer so that it was deeper and not as squeaky. Another thing that evolved were the strings. At first the strings were made of catgut, animal gut, but later evolved into what we use today which are steel core strings. The violin is first in the violin family going in order from violin to viola to violoncello to bass. More recently though in the 1920s the electric violins were created. These violins don’t need to be shaped like a typical violin or even made of wood. Throughout the centuries, the violin has undergone many changes by violin producers, instrumentalists, and even composers. II. The dimensions, materials, and processes of making the materials are crucial to how and why the violin functions correctly. A. The violin is 35 cm long with the major parts being the tuning pegs, neck, strings, bridge, and body. B. Rosin is an essential part of the violin and is applied to the bow hair so that the strings can vibrate C. Wood for the violin is stored for 20 years before being cut
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