Informative Speech On Water Hydrated Abounds

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Our bodies depend on water for survival; it is second only to oxygen. It would seem fair to assume that, because it is so important for the general function of our system, we would pay close attention to our hydration levels.

This just isn 't so. Misinformation on the importance of keeping fluid levels balanced and exactly how much water is needed to keep our systems hydrated abounds. Do you need 8 glasses of water daily? Probably. Are you getting it? If you 're a typical American, probably not.

Mild dehydration symptoms include:

Headache or head rush
Slightly dry mucous membranes
Slightly decreased urine output and dark yellow urine
Loss of appetite
Tiredness or fatigue
Dry or flushed skin

Moderate dehydration
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We are lucky to have access to fresh and healthy water yet we are a country of dehydration. So, how do you treat it? If your dehydration is mild it 's important to sip water slowly to regain fluid levels in your system; gulping water will only upset your stomach and vomiting could occur which further increases dehydration levels. Aside from sipping water, try adding a bit of honey or a pinch of salt to warm water and drink slowly to reinstate some of the electrolytes in your system.

Keep in mind that water is best when you are experiencing dehydration though tea and natural fruit juices (with low or no sugar) are also acceptable in small amounts. To improve the amount of water you 're drinking and cut down on the chances of dehydration try keeping a water bottle with you at all times so that you can drink throughout the day. Starting and ending your day with a glass of water is also an effective tip that will ensure your day begins and ends with hydration. If you 're going to exercise be sure to drink before, during, and after your workout and if you 'll be exercising outdoors, increase the amount you usually drink by a couple of glasses at least. Warm temperatures and windy weather rob our bodies of water so be sure to drink up on
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