Informative Speech On Workplace Stress

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Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about how stress develops and its effects on the workplace. Tentative Thesis: Though the definition of stress is already well-known among our society, we remain ignorant towards how stress develops everywhere and influences the workplace. Introduction I. Attention Grabber: Honestly, who here has not been affected by stress? None of you should be raising your hands right now. Especially in our path of education and success, we have used stress as an advantage to complete even the most difficult assignments. However, what is stress anyways? The most common definition would be a mental tension caused by a emotional, physical and mental factor. II. Thesis Statement: Though the definition of stress is already…show more content…
Paul Bowen is a professor of University of Cape Town within the department of construction economics that used online surveys to create numerous charts demonstrating how even third world countries are developing stress along with experiencing it. Using a 10-point stress scale system, with one being minimum and ten being maximum, Bowen demonstrates that architects stress the most at work with a large 64% stress level 7 plus and at the stress level of 5 and lower lays construction managers 35%, and quantity surveyor 29%, engineers 27%. (Bowen, 2013) According to the table 2, Bowen shows that stress is developed mainly from poor balance of life in between work and family, working long hours, tight schedules and the need to work harder to feel superior to peers. (Bowen, 2013) In this nation, the factors of workplace stress is deeply connected by age and gender, specifically the old men living stress-free lives in work compared to younger counterparts and females, who stress a considerately large amount at
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