Speech About Organ Donation

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Good morning everyone. How many of you know that our organs can be transplanted when we are alive and after death? How many of you do think about the number of patients who are on organ donation waiting list? How many of you know the number of the actual organ donors? I will be answering the questions for you and explain to you today. Here are some interesting facts. In Malaysia, there are total of 18,493 Malaysians who are still in the organ donation waiting list until. The number of actual organ donors is far more less than the number of people on the waiting list which are only 55 organ donors in 2015 and is just accounted for around 0.3% of the people who need organ transplantation. However, there are just 266,583 people who had pledged…show more content…
No boring form to be filled up. No queues. No payments or costs. All we need to do is to fill up the form online and it does not waste much of our time. We can easily save people’s lives by moving our hands. The organ transplantation costs and other expenses will be covered by the organ’s recipient so we do not need to worry about costs that will burden us. On the other hands, become an organ donor can also help to console the sorrowing family members who lost their loved. When one of us die accidentally one day, becoming an organ donor can give them sense that our sacrifice will not be in a vain. We can still help others that who has a chance to survive. Even though we are no longer in the world, at least we can help others to live in the world and our family members will be gratified. Become an organ donor not only can save people’s live but also can comfort the grieving family. “The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live” by Myles Munroe. This is our chance to change our life. This is our chance to help others to improve their life. This is our chance to save the people’s
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