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General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: My audience will learn the importance of social media in today’s world, from its history to the many uses it delivers. Thesis Statement: I would like to address three facets social media provides: first, the history of social media; second, the uses of social media; and third, how social media have influenced our lives. Social Media: How It Is Changing Our Lives I. Introduction A. Attention Getter a. 91% of Internet access is for social networking. 73% of that is smartphone owners browsing through social media through their smart phones at least once per day. b. Facebook is one of the most distinguishable social networking sites because of the popularity among students, parents, etc. c. If social media companies were countries: Followed by China, Facebook would be the world’s most populous country with over 1.1 billion users. Google Plus (693 million active users) would be third and Twitter (554 million users) would be fourth. That’s ahead both India and the U.S. (Insane Social Media Facts) d.…show more content…
The male vs. female ratio of social media users is as follows: Facebook- 60% female and 40% male; Twitter- 60% female and 40% male (Insane Social Media Facts); Instagram- 46% female and 54% male (WERSM) B. Interest To Me a. I use social media in my everyday life. Since I am a senior in high school I follow many colleges on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This helps me to stay updated on important events and dates. b. I have been apart of Facebook since I was in 5th grade. I am now a senior and still using it. I got Twitter and Instagram when they became popular and I am still using them also. C. Interest To Others a. We are not aware at how much social media benefits our lives. Throughout our busy lives we never take the time to actually look into the history and uses of these
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