Informative Speech Outline For Air Pollution

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Castil, Czarina Beata N. 11-HA1
Informative Speech Outline
Topic: Air pollution
Specific Purpose: I will inform where air pollution takes place, how it affects us economically and how we can help keep the air cleaner.
I. Introduction
a. Attention Material: Breathe in. Now, breathe out. Breathe in. Now, hold it for as long as you can. You will eventually give up to my challenge sooner or later. Do you know that the longest time breath held voluntarily by a male was 24 minutes and 3.45 seconds? Even the best breath- holder will eventually grasp for air when he needs to.
b. Credibility: Air is a necessity to be able to live. But today air becomes an element to kill us slowly. Air pollution is a major problem in the world yet it is not given enough attention to. Cities have higher air pollution compared to provinces because of the inevitable huge number of vehicles and heavily congested areas. According to Eva Ocfemia, the assistant director of the DENR-EMB in 2015, the air pollutant concentration of NCR reached 130 micrograms per cubic meters in terms of total suspended particulates (TSP), higher than the previous year and the safe level. If you breathe, you are an automatic victim of air pollution.
c. Preview: So today I will talk about air pollution. First, I will discuss indoor and outdoor air pollution. Then I will inform you on how it affects us economically. Lastly, I would give ways on what you can do to have cleaner air.
II. Body
a. To begin with, pollution can be

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