Informative Speech Outline On Antibiotics

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I. Attention: Imagine you have to go to McKinley because you accidentally ate spoiled food. You ask for penicillin, but doctor is unwilling to prescribe you the drug and tells you that you will recover after resting for a few days (AA). Most physicians refrain from prescribing drugs to patients because the overuse of drugs can reduce their effectiveness. Transition: However, farmers are ignoring this fact, and it is becoming a public health problem. II. Need: Farmers are giving an excessive amount of antibiotics to their livestock. a. Antibiotics are regularly given to livestock to prevent animals from getting sick in crowded environments and promote growth. i. When you get sick from a bacterial infection, it usually takes about a week for…show more content…
The Department of Agriculture states that using antibiotics for non-treatment purposes increases productivity by only 1-3 percent, meaning the impact is almost nonexistent. Transition: What if nothing is done? III. Visualization: Imagine living in a world where bacteria that cause common diseases become drug resistant. Without using antibiotics, it would take longer for illnesses to heal, and your symptoms would feel worse. If a simple infection deteriorates, it can become life-threatening. You could only hope that your immune system is strong enough to ward off the disease on its own. However, you do not have to worry about bacterial diseases as long as antibiotics remain effective. Transition: There are many things you can start doing right now to make a change. IV. Action: You can help by changing the way you eat. Stop eating meat will reduce the demand for meat, and fewer animals will need to be raised for commercial purpose. You can still get your essential proteins through a combination of nuts and beans. If you cannot go on a vegan diet, you can still help by reducing the consumption of meat. Our diet is heavily based on meat, but you need only 2-3 servings of meat per day. Increasing the portion of fruits and vegetables you eat is more beneficial to your health. How you spend your money is also a powerful influence, so the next time you go to the grocery store, think about how the extra money you pay for the organic meat can make a positive
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