Informative Speech Review

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Brian Brett: Informative Speech Review (Autism 1)
After I finally looked at my video to prevent any emotions of “jacked up” or “jacked down”, I was able to form clear thoughts about my speech and what I could do to improve it. While my introduction and conclusion were stronger than the rest of my body, they all needed improvement because of not utilizing the cards as taught, among other factors which I will discuss very soon. However, this could be tentative, as I may have done better or worse as per the teacher’s guidelines. As with any class speech or thesis or however it’s presented, my introduction is always the strongest. I gave myself a score of “5”, (Gaining the attention of the audience), “4” (Good overview), “4”, (Credibility), “5”, (Central Idea) for the introduction because they are my strong suit, I am most calm or ready during this portion. The two fives are from snatching the audience’s attention. However, due to the weaving of points in the body, the first four was given, and due to a stronger than usual but weak-still conclusion, the second four was given. I could use some improvement in not weaving the body paragraphs between each other, and the look of terror on my face closer toward the end when it was signaled it was time to wrap it up. Despite what I usually think about bodies in a paragraph, I thought they were stronger than usual, until this speech came along. For this, I gave myself a score of “4”, (Main Points), “3”, (Transitions between points),
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