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Welcome one, welcome all to our newest attraction! Here is a ride that I can guarantee you’ve never experienced before. As you enter the Pearl Diver, you are faced with the smell and scenery of an underwater wonderland. The roller coaster cart itself is a ride on its own. Although this particular ride is quite amusing, safety is our number one priority. Make sure you're taking precautions by staying seated until the ride come to a complete stop, and do not under any circumstances remove the seat belt provided unless told to do so. This is a specially designed roller coaster to make sure you never experience the same ride as before. You are placed in a circular seating area with 3 other people, making a total of 16 seats available per ride.…show more content…
This means, the coaster ride is close to frictionless as you can come to since it is impossible for an object to be frictionless. It is also eco - friendly since it’s based on the passenger's weight and the gravitation pull. The only technology used is to let the roller coaster run on the tracks. Now, after the ball has begun to swing, you are sealed into your box for safety precautions; along with the roller coaster seat belts. The balls and box is made out of glass so you can captivate the underwater world around you. Once we have started the coaster ride, we have you take off! You rise above the hill, slow and steady building up suspense every second. As you reach the top, you are now in a state of potential energy. Suddenly, out of nowhere, ZOOM, your potential energy has turned into kinetic energy and you’re off racing at lightening speeds. You accomplish a turn along the breathtaking coral reef, and the roller coaster then takes you up through a loop. Now don’t worry about falling, for you will stay on the tracks as long as the centripetal acceleration from the tracks is equal to or greater than the acceleration of…show more content…
After you have been untangled from the catastrophe of seaweed, you're taken back through a loop, and this time, after the loop, you're riding upside down. Don’t worry, after a while you're turned right side up again to examine the world clearly! At this time the Pearl Diver takes you through two spiraling down loops and straight down again. Make sure you wave to the enormous octopus to your right. A sharp turn is up ahead, and finally you finish off with a lowering speed as the ride comes to a stop due to friction, when the wheels rub against the track. Inside the box, we have a crane hand to stop the bottom ball, and rotate it to safely exit each and every one of you to solid ground. There’s no doubt the Pearl Diver was made for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. The time the ride takes comes out to 120 seconds (2 minutes), making it long enough so that your lunch doesn't become an airborne projectile! Pearl Diver is a one of a kind type of roller coaster that’s thrilling, but brings out the kid inside of you with it’s eye-popping underwater wonderland. This family-friendly, but also exhilarating ride, is sure to please

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