Informative Speech: The Barefoot Bandit

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Name: Snigdha Singhania Tutorial Group: W3 Date: 13th October, 2014 Title: The Barefoot Bandit Topic: Informative Speech Specific purpose: (I want my audience)…to Central Idea: Everything is an idea. Everyone has an idea. Here I put forward the crazy ideas of a crazy man in his quest to become famous. ___________________________________________________________________ Introduction I. The agent of chaos. a. The agent who likes to walk in, burn and walk away. b. Leaving behind a trail of chalk footprints and scribbling a “c’ya” at the end. II. Yes, I am talking to you about Colton Harris-Moore also known as the Barefoot Bandit. III. The craziest and weirdest burglar you could ever…show more content…
Born on 22nd March, 1991 Colton Harris-Moore, an American criminal and former fugitive, was a one man crime wave. a. He grabbed the attention of the local sheriff even before he was 10, and committed his first major crime at the age of 12. b. By 2006, Colton was 15 years old, over 6 feet tall and wanted by the police. i. He was arrested and sentenced to three years of imprisonment in Seattle. However, he managed to escape within a year by climbing out of one of the windows there. 1. The chase was back on. ii. He managed to buy a DVD labelled "How to Fly a Small Aircraft", from a stolen credit card. 1. The police believed that the simulation set was just for his amusement, just like he had stolen popcorn, cookies and video games before. 2. It was only when he flew away in his first stolen aircraft, the Cessna 182, from Orcas Islands and crash landed it in the Indian Reservations that the police realized that the 17 year old was no joke. 3. This was just the beginning. c. He stole his second airplane in September, 2009 from Washington. i. He now moved swiftly from one small airport to another, stealing ships and cars on the way, in an attempt to fly more aircrafts, breaking into houses in search of food and money…show more content…
His friends from school however do speak about Colton 's dream to become a pilot later in life. (Transition: The Barefoot Bandit…) III. The Barefoot Bandit was finally arrested in July 2010, when he was sailing in a stolen yacht from Abaco to Eleuthra and was sentenced to more than 7 years of imprisonment. (Transition: This crazy man....) Conclusion I. This crazy man dropped out from school in ninth grade but passed its General Education Development equivalent tests with only 3 weeks of study. a. This lunatic had the brilliance to fly an aircraft just by reading its manual. b. This crazy man dropped off a hundred US Dollars at a veterinary clinic in Raymond, Washington during the chase just out of his love and concern for animals. II. He is currently in the Washington State Prison and is expected to be released in December 2016 at the age of 25, after which he believes he will live an amazing life. III. "If I have learnt any truth, it 's that absolutely anything is possible", quoting the Barefoot Bandit, who single-handedly outran all the US forces for over two years before he was finally arrested in the Bahamas in July 2010. Bibliography (use APA / MLA
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