Informative Speech: The Dangers Of Cosmetic Beauty In Beauty

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II. According to Rodda (2004, (Selvarajah Krishnan, Nur Safia Amira, Umi Nur Atilla, Siti Syafawani, Muhammad Hafiz, 2017)) a beauty therapist, said “there are a lot of products in the market are harsh on the skin. Hence, natural ingredient that use in cosmemetic product have become more popular. Moreover, there will be fewer side effect by using natural cosmetic product compared with chemical-based In addition, whitening and brightening is big business in the Asian beauty industry. It also offers a solution for those who suffer signs of premature ageing such as brown spots, blotches and discolorations of the skin.” III. After doing extensive research and reading several educational sources such as medical journals and articles for this speech, it made me realize that make up do in fact pose a danger to our health. IV. So today, I would like to persuade every one of you here to use your cosmetic make up in a manner that will protect your health. Because cosmetic make up pose a health risk, we must change the way we use the more face the medical repercussions. (Transition: Now, let’s look more closely at the health risk posed by cosmetic make up) BODY I. The following are the arguments that arise due to cosmetic makeup. A. All makeup are made of artificial substances and contain a large number of chemicals that may lead harm to the skin. 1. By using too much product on your skin will eventually further the skin irritant, allergies, acne wrinkles and spots you are

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