Informative Speech: The State Of Youth Vote

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Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the lack of participation of college students in elections. Introduction: Attention: According to a MSNBC article entitled The State of Youth Vote in America written by Ashley Spillane written on January 15th 2015, states that 12000 Americans turn 18 everyday, but only 23% of the eligible voters ages 18 to 29 actually participate in elections (Spillane). Spillane also states that the reason for this number is not because this age group is lazy, 87% of the group volunteered or donated (Spillane). There has been a drop in the participation of young adults, more specifically college students, in elections but something needs to be done. Voting is one of the ways that we let our representatives know…show more content…
Body: I. College students have the worst turnout rates for elections. A. The main problem stems from the fact that students are not familiar with the processes of voting and registration. a) Many students have a misconception that they have to vote in their home towns b) In an article published by CNBC entitled Why College Students Aren’t Voting written by Maya Kamani on October 15th, states that registering for an absentee ballot will allow you to vote on campus (Kamani). c) A&M should inform their students of registration and election procedures, so that all students will actively participate. B. Another problem is that students feel as though their votes don’t count a) According to Kamani one vote might not matter but if everyone had the same mindset, “then those single votes become thousands more” (Kamani). b) If we want issues that affect college students to be a priority then we have to show that we care. c) We need to remember that voting wasn’t a right to young adults until relatively recently compared to the age of the United States. Transition: Now we know why college students don’t vote but why should

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