Informed Consent In Nursing Care

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Consent can be legal, ethical or professional, (Wheeler 2013), and is more than a simple signature on a form, it forms the process of good communication between patient and professional providing the treatment (Dimond 2015). In order to ensure that patient are aware of the care that will be given, the patient is informed and consent gained before or during care delivery Mental capacity Act (2015) additionally, obtaining consent encompass in the legal and ethical framework, hence this must be sort and healthcare professional must assess if the patient has capacity to consent to care Mental Capacity Act (2015). However Mary has the capacity to give consent for her care as she demonstrate her understanding of what will be done and why it is done…show more content…
Informed consent mean the patient has been given the right information regarding their care, Mary falls into this capacity as she was give information regarding her care and she was able to choose (Wheeler, 2013). According to (Nice 2012) delivering high quality care should be at the heart of every care provider daily clinical practice. Good care is also connected with high staff satisfaction and good outcome for patient (Nice, 2012). Obtaining informed consent helps to ensure that people are not deceived or coerced into any decision making is very important regarding their. Nurses must also practise in line with the (NMC, 2015) code of conduct. Ellis (2015) suggest that consent is not simple the act of getting someone to agree conversely, its providing the patient with the opportunity to choose and having an understanding of what will be done rather than just agreeing, therefore failure to obtain consent can result in legal issues Dimond…show more content…
Consent is one of the key principles that guides health care professionals in the NHS constitution, this reflect the needs and preference of patients, their families and carers where right decision will be made and will be informed on all decision of their care and treatment, (DH ,2012), however healthcare professionals need to share information with the family and carer with the patient consent, and ensure a confidentiality policy is in place and followed by all staff (DH, 2003). It was important to explain to Mary-Jane of her need to be in the chair as it was a part of her ongoing treatment which was put in by the physio-therapist, as it was Mary-Jane right to accept or refuse this part of her treatment, (DH ,2012). In keeping with (NMC, 2013) code the student nurse gaining consent before taking Mary-Jane out the bed had to fully respect her right to decline or to accept as long as she fully understand what was said to her (Mental Capacity Act, 2005) as this shows that the patient decision was been respected. This indicates that the client is being protected
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