Jack's Transformation In Lord Of The Flies

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Unlike other organisms, humans tend to change, and evolve emotionally in order to adapt to a situation and or environment. In the novel titled Lord of the Flies written, by William Golding we witness a group of children struggle to accomplish survival on an island, all while two dominant characters compete for the authority. The competition later on in the novel transforms the situation into a conflict that cause the group to separate, as Jack, an arrogant, redheaded fifteen year old teen forms his own tribe, uniquely different from the original group as influenced through different methods of survival . Throughout the novel, Jack is compelled to disguise his emotions, in order to express dominance, and productivity over Ralph’s authority…show more content…
Still being a teen, Jack fails at this obstacle of change during his first attempt as he can’t deal with the killing of a living organism after first arriving. Jack is still very connected to his identity as a civil individual and therefore struggles when killing the pig since he is forced to change, express leadership and be productive, however isn’t able to kill it as “There came a pause… only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be...Jack’s face was white under the freckles… the unbearable blood.” (Golding, 31). Thus, witnessing failure in the beginning of novel as he is gaining experience from a new life where civility is ignored and savagery is widely required, in order to be productive, gain authority and survive. This event is significant throughout the novel since Jack experiencing such humiliation leads him to strive for success as he continues to attempt the change in his life while the group is isolated from society, compared to how the Germans viewed the world, differently than everyone else as the military served a form of dictatorship, and savagery against non-Germans, consequently demonstrating isolation and struggle for change in the world during World War
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