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Hi Nahla,

Here is a summary of our meeting last Friday. Please review and let me know if I missed anything.

1. Prior to starting our meeting, you verbally expressed that you feel more comfortable with the Infusion 2 shift after spending four one-on-one training days with me.

2. This past week, I reviewed your Infusion 2 work on Monday & Tuesday. Your Infusion 2 work from earlier this week (5/16 & 5/17) were very good. You made very few (three or less) oversights (not completing prior cycle, not signing hamp2 on multi-days treatment, not deleting a prior KDUR order).

3. I did not review your work on Wednesday (5/18/16). Per Pauline and Terence, you overlooked quite a few things such as (1) 2 chemo patients with the incorrect treatment dates, (2) hamp1/hamp2
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Chemo plan is q2weeks and the apt on 5/23/16 should have been cancelled, (9) Zometa patient - yellow dot - Calcium and SCr labs were from 03/26/2016.

After discussing the above findings. We both agreed that your work the last two days have been sloppy. You work lacks the meticulous and attention to details required for you to to safely and competently function as an oncology/infusion pharmacist in this clinic. I am very concern with the quality/consistency of your work. I fear patient safety may be jeopardized if you continue to perform at this level. We also established that the inconsistency and inaccuracy of your work is not d/t your lack of knowledge or training in the Infusion 2 work flow.

We concluded our meeting with the following action plan. (1) You will transition to Infusion 1 shift training next Monday as planned since there is no further Infusion 2 knowledge/training are needed, (2) you will be more careful and thorough with your work, and (3) I will monitor your progress closely the next two weeks. If you continue to make the same oversights, I will need to terminate your trial

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