Inge Auerbacher's Life During The Holocaust

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Out of the millions of Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust, there were a select few who survived. Inge Auerbacher was one of those who did. Inge was the daughter and only child of Regina and Berthold Auerbacher. She was born December 31, 1934 in Kippenheim, Germany which was one year after the Nazis first came to power. The Auerbachers lived in a small village in South Germany, and in the same town her father owned his own fabric and cloth company. Inge Auerbacher was living a normal life as a young child with her caring parents and family, until the countrywide violence against Jews took a turn for the worst. In the year of 1928, Inge’s family was shaken up from an outrageous event. It twas the night of November 9th, and Berthold Auerbacher was arrested and taken to a concentration camp. Inge’s father was released two weeks later from the concentration camp and he knew something had to be done. He planned on moving his family out of the country, but realized that wasn’t going to happen. So instead, they moved into Regina’s hometown and was soon met with the tragic death of Inge’s grandfather. Life was becoming difficult and harsh for the Auerbachers and soon…show more content…
On August 22, 1942, Inge and her parents were arrested and deported by German officers. They had to leave all of their possessions and move to a Czechoslovakian ghetto called Theresienstadt. Fortunately, the Auerbachers were allowed to stay together even through the terrible conditions and sanitation. Meanwhile, in the same town they were living, Germans began building gas chambers to exterminate all Jews living in Theresienstadt. On May 8 of 1945, all the Jews were freed including Inge and her family, by Soviet troops. Inge Auerbacher is still alive today, and continues to tell her story. She is an incredibly strong women, living with the horrendous nightmares of being a child tortured during the
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