Ingo Hasselbach's Fuhrer-Ex: Summary

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My book is Fuhrer-Ex written by Ingo Hasselbach and Tom Reiss. This book is a collection of memoirs from Ingo’s life. It all starts with his childhood. Ingo grew up after World War II in the late 1960s in East Berlin. East Berlin was the less free part of Germany. Freedom of speech, political class, and expression wasn’t a right. Ingo’s parents constantly remarried other people and separated. His parents didn’t care about him. As a result, Ingo became exposed to different types of ideology. Of course, this all led to him co-founding the political class of the neo-nazis. This happened after Ingo was released from prison for constantly speaking out against the government. Neo-Nazis are people that openly express themselves as in favor of the original Nazis. Ingo’s group of fellow Neo-Nazis would start fights with anarchists, police, and anyone else who openly spoke out against them. In the 1990s, the Neo-Nazis began to expand. Ingo constantly tried to grow his organization and create projects. There were constantly fights and brawls between the Neo-Nazis and Anarchists. Ingo seemed to like…show more content…
For one thing, the only understanding of a political class that Ingo Hasselbach has an understanding of is his own. The neo-nazis. This is obvious because the term “Nazi” or “neo-nazi” is mentioned in almost every page of the book. Ingo Hasselbach is also bias in his writing material. Since he was a neo-nazi, he is obviously going to shut out any perspective from any other political class. Companies always talk in a tone which favors their product in an advertisement. This concept isn’t any different from political classes. The story makes one want to side with the neo-nazis. It makes them look better than any other political class. It doesn’t offer any perspective from people of other classes. This is how the vantage point of the narrator strongly affects the meaning of the

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