Raphael And La Fornarina Analysis

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Ingres’ Raphael and La Fornarina is a Romanticism painting. The medium is oil on canvas. Ingres’ painting came in on the emerging scene of Romanticism in the early Nineteenth Century. In this representation, Ingres is depicting another artist in the studio with model also displaying his model is indeed the artist in the painting’s mistress. There are three projects of the mistress on display and they all have what seems to be an angle where they are all in contact with the viewer. While all that seems to be going on, you can notice the artist in the painting has a passion or is deeply attached to his mistress as he has not one but two paintings on display of “La Fornarina.” And he is obsessed with his own creations as he is depicted eyeing his painting of La Fornarina and not his mistress herself.

This painting shows noticeable detail and rich paint as you can see the creasing in Raphael’s mistresses’ dress. The theme of this painting can be admiration. Raphael is admiring his creation and his creation being his mistress he is admiring both. It appears this is also a representation of the Renaissance as Raphael was a significant artist from the era. The painting he is looking at indicates that it has a very renaissance inspiration as La Fornarina looks nude, nudity
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The woman in red has gold jewelry on display suggesting that is what she is passionate about and seems to be flaunting it. But Cornelia is displayed pointing at her children sort of flaunting them in a way, she’s says her children are her most valuable jewels. Her white dress indicates purity, and makes her seem more of a mother than anything. The theme seems to be showing off what one praises and is passionate about. The woman in red is passionate about her jewelry and Cornelia is more than happy to profess her love for her own jewels, her
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