Ingrown Toe Snail Research Paper

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Ingrown toenail


Doctors call ingrown toenails which, translated, means “nail ingrown." Many people are struggling with this discomfort that, more often than not, leads to real problems. The ingrown toenails occurs when part of the nail (or foot Hand) sticking into the skin causing swelling and inflammation. This usually occurs when the nail bed is insufficient to contain the nail that, then, to expand, creates a furrow abnormally.
There is no single cause that determines the problem ingrown nail.
In fact, it is due to a bad pedicure (often cut nails incorrectly creating irregularities); the use of narrow footwear; to poor hygiene (often we do not normally change the socks several times a day); obesity; to bad posture;
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Then it can become red and infected and start making really bad. Ingrown toenails are a common affliction and very painful, especially among adolescents. Any nail can grow, however, the problem in most cases affects the big toe. It has an ingrown toenail when the skin on one or both sides of the nail begins to grow over the corners of the nail, the nail itself or when it is to penetrate inside the skin. As a result occur redness, pain and swelling at the sides of the nail, then within a short time can be the infection. Sometimes you may notice a small amount of pus from the wound…show more content…
Throughout the rest of the day keep the foot dry.
3. Wear comfortable shoes that leave enough room for fingers. If possible, wear sandals until you are healed.
4. If the pain is severe, taking medication containing ibuprofen (Moment®, Brufen®) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).
5. If the nail does not improve within two or three days, or if it gets worse, contact your doctor.
6. You may need to slightly raise the corner of the ingrown nail and put a little 'cotton or dental floss between it and the skin. This kind of patch should be changed once a day.
If there is inflammation, swelling and pus excessive fingernail probably is infected and you need medical attention. You may have to take antibiotics and maybe the nail must be removed totally or in part. The doctor is able to intervene surgically to remove a portion of the nail, a part of the nail bed underlying part of the surrounding soft tissues and even part of the nail matrix.
Surgery is useful to prevent the corners of the nail to penetrate further into the flesh as the nail grows. The permanent removal of the nail can be recommended for children who suffer from chronic and recurring ingrown

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