Inherent Evil In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Inherent Evil or the Sinful nature of Human Lord of the Flies is a book that is written by Golding and it is used to construct the idea of the inherent evil of human nature. Is human Inherently Evil/human nature is Sinful or human are good in personality. For judging this statement the writer Golding use the symbolism of Simon, Ralph, the Hunt and the Island. As the story has move on, Golding describe that the instinctual evil within man is inescapable as he mention, “The Lord the Flies was expanding like a balloon”(Pg.130). For this quote, the meaning is that Lord of the Flies is began to grow bigger and stronger. So the inherent Evil of human nature is harder to escape from the mind. Along with this idea it can be a symbolism for Simon. Simon, who can be confront as Jesus Christ as he has almost the same experience as Jesus. The Roman kills Jesus as he said to be kind for the people. And for Simon, he found out the truth of the beast was the parachute that is waving on the rock. When he knows the truth he wanted to talk to other kids that is on the Island. But unexpectedly is being killed by Jack and his followers, but can also say that the indirect murderer is Lord of The Flies. This example is a direct reference to the death of Christ.…show more content…
This attribute reaches the symbols of goodness even you are a good person but still can be influence by the Sinful nature of Human, which is on the hand of Lord of the Flies. Examples Ralph, when Ralph and Piggy go to the feast on Jack’s beach, they begin to meld with the others and their evil. “Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of
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