Powers Of President Essay

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Jessica Jung
Mr. Harris
AP Government & Politics
27 February 2018
Delegated Powers of President: Success of Truman’s Presidency The president is considered to be one of the highest people of authority, holding responsibilities that are unlike any other individual in the American government. The president is the face of the nation and is often judged for their abilities to act in times of crises. Former president Harry S. Truman is a prime candidate of being arguably one of the most successful presidents in history. The success of any given president is assessed based on their abilities to properly use expressed and inherent powers, along with being able to engage and apply their roles as president when meeting the needs of the public. Expressed
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By this title, the president is the highest military authority in the United States, reinforcing the concepts of civilian supremacy over the military. They are in charge of the United States Armed Forces, deciding when and where troops are to be stationed, along with how weapons are to be used. The ultimate power to declare war is given to Congress, as specifically expressed in the Constitution. However, many presidents have ignored and acted against this, claiming the inherent executive power to defend the nation. The War Powers Resolution was thus set in place in 1978 in attempts to better control the president’s powers as Commander in Chief, encouraging the president to consult with Congress before acting in times of…show more content…
He or she becomes an inspiring role model for much of the American population, standing for all of the values of the United States. The role of Chief of State involves for the president to receive dignitaries, host dinners, proclaim holidays, and attend weddings, funerals, and coronations. The president greets visitors to the White House, awards medals, and makes speeches as well. These acts are examples of the president showing formality and leadership. Chief of State is clearly a position of extreme prestige given to the president of the United
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