Inherently Evil In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Everyone is taught from birth that you need money and power to be successful in this world. Except, power can make people do unjustifiable things to others or to themselves. Does this mean everyone is inherently evil? In the book Lord of the Flies, a group of young boys get stranded on an island and try to make a society in order to survive. This society though, slowly spirals into disorder and eventually chaos. The main characters, Ralph and Jack, constantly contradict each other and fight for the loyalty of the younger boys and power. The author, William Golding, created this book to portray the potential evil in every human. These boys in particular are not inherently wicked but most of them do get caught up in the fantasy of having ultimate control which leads to the boys being unable to live amongst one another. The boys immaturity of living in the fantasy results in frivolous behavior throughout the start of the book. In the beginning, Ralph tries to establish order by letting the boys vote on rules and on him being chief. As chief, Ralph constantly micromanages the group of boys in order to sustain his power. When things don’t exactly go his way he tries to belittle the boys by reminding them that “[He is] chief..” and of the fact that they voted for him(23). Also, when the littluns (younger boys) start the rumor of a possible terrifying creature, Ralph gets angered and tries to prove his dominance by asserting that “‘..there isn’t a beast!’”(37). These
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