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In the play, “Inherit the Wind” written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee, Bertram Cates goes on trial for teaching “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” to his story. This created a major case, where humans challenged God’s holy word,. This started a war against humans and the God. During the battle, two of the world’s greatest mind fought against each other, the defence attorney Henry Drummond and the prosecutor attorney Matthew Harrison Brady. From the beginning to the end, the trial was influenced mostly by Brady’s characteristics, successfully leading him to winning the trial.

Throughout his life, Matthew Harrison Brady was able to persuade his audience. In this trial, he did not only persuade his audience in the courtroom, but was able to
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On the day of the trial, Brady had wiped out Drummond's testimony and evidence supporting “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”. With no scientific hope left, Drummond calls in Brady to the stand to represent “The Bible”. Through his concern, Drummond asked Brady if he knows any thing on “Darwin’s Theory” and Brady replies “I Know it's wrong because God tells me to oppose the evil teachings of this man”. ( Pg 88 ) This lead to the audience in doubt, and wondering “ How in perdition do you have the gall to whoop up this holy war against something you don’t know anything about,”. (Pg 75) This lead to the jury and the audience changing their actions and attitude towards “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”. “ Though, they do not believe in the theory of evolution written in the book but they realise and understand the importance and value of the freedom to think.

Brady played an important role in the trial to the end. He faced intense pressure to prove that God’s Holy words is accurate, not fiction. Through Brady had won the case, he felt unhappy on his actions during the trial, which separated the connection between him and the citizen listening all over America. This unease sensation Brady was feeling at the end of the play was the direct result of his behavior during the trial such as being manipulative, overconfidence, and close-minded. These key characteristics influenced the trail, eventually changing the outcome for the

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