Inherit The Wind Clarence Darow Character Analysis

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Crack, crack. That’s the sound the gavel made as the judge used it. In the book Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee the character Drummond is defending Bertram Cates in the case of the scopes trial. While it might seem like a weird case this did happen in real life as well. The real person for Drummond is Clarence Darrow. Clarence Darrow was described by others as a nonconforming spirit (Britannica 1). Drummond and Clarence Darrow both seem to be clever, witty, and freethinkers. Drummond is brave because he knew this case would be hard to fight yet he still took the challenge to beat his old time friend, Matthew Harrison Brady. And he fought for the case to go for him as best as he could even though he ended up losing it still was like a victory for him because of the punishment being only a fine of 100$ (Lawrence and lee 103). Clarence Darrow is brave because as a kid his family’s house was a stop for the underground railroad (Britannica 1). He…show more content…
In Inherit the Wind Henry Drummond calls Brady to the stand and asks him clever questions such as, “Then why did god plague us with the power to think? Mr. Brady, why do you deny the one faculty which lifts man above all other creatures on the earth: the power of his brain to reason. What other merit have we? The elephant is larger, the horse is stronger and swifter, the butterfly is more beautiful, the mosquito more prolific, even the simple sponge is more durable (wheeling on Brady) or does the sponge think?” (Lawrence and lee 83). The reason he is witty from that is because he knew Brady’s weakness and he used it to his advantage to kind of corner him. Clarence Darrow is witty because he knew how to talk well and make the cases go his way, even if he loses its not as bad as what it would’ve been. All of the stuff he would go through and same with the news would almost be
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