Inherit The Wind Literary Analysis

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Imagine if everyone around you is fixed on one belief and believes that any other idea is wrong because someone or something says otherwise. This actually happened to a man named Bertram Cates. He believed in a proposition other than God making mankind, which went against Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and how humanity evolved from mammals. Bertram taught this theory in his class even though it was prohibited and labeled a crime. Briefly, he went to trial for the “crime” he committed.The play Inherit the Wind by Robert E. Lee and Jerome Lawrence is about the importance of freedom of thought, fixed mindsets and reveals that everyone with a fixed mindset should take into consideration of others' ideas which is called a growth mindset. The authors show this theme through their characters’ actions,…show more content…
Lee and Jerome Lawrence, want their audience to consider the subject matter of having the freedom of thought and a growth mindset, which they show through their characters’ dialogue. An example that shows the growth mindset of Drummond’s was when he stated, "'Drummond: The Bible is a book. A good book. But it's not the only book'" (Lawrence Lee 98). This demonstrates the mindset of Drummond. Thus, showing that he does not have a fixed mindset. He believes that even though the Bible is a good book, it is not the only one. Therefore, not believing in just one belief. Learning and expanding the horizons and not being stuck on one thing. According to Drummond, “‘Drummond: ... I tell you Brady had the same right as Cates: the right to be wrong’” (Lawrence Lee 127)! What Drummond here is trying to imply is that after Brady passed away and, even though was on the opposing side trying to not let Cates have the freedom of thought, Hornbeck was attempting to lower Brady after he had breathed one’s last. But, Drummond is still fighting for what Brady believes is right and the freedom of thought. Brady’s freedom of thought, that
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