Inherited Heart Disease Research Paper

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Inherited Heart Disease According to the Center for Disease Control, “ Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.” Many people have a family history that affects the progression of their disease. This disease is hereditary, meaning that it can pass from parent to child. Many things can affect a person 's risk for developing heart disease, and genetics is only one of them. However, it 's a very serious risk factor, and impacts the lives of many.There are several kinds of hereditary heart disease, and there 's various types of testing and treatment available. Heart disease is one of many diseases that can be inherited. DNA is a major player when it comes to genetics. Genes are made of DNA and carry instructions for…show more content…
There are several ways to test for heart disease and determine if its genetic related. Genetic testing is looking at DNA to see changes that result in the disease. Testing can determine whom in a family is at risk. Doctors usually use DNA found in the blood, and examine the structure of it. It could take weeks, or even months, to get results. Sometimes results are inconclusive, and the testing isn’t always 100% accurate. The testing can cost $1000-$5000, which is very expensive (Cirino, Ho). Many years will be needed to refine the testing process. A very common test for heart disease in general is an electrocardiogram or EKG. It measures electrical currents in the heart to see if they’re moving regularly, or if any parts are overworked. Another common test is cardiac catheterization. By running small tubes, called catheters, through the veins and injecting contrast dye, doctors can determine the blood pressure and blood flow levels inside the heart. A third usual test is an Echocardiogram where doctors take an ultrasound of the heart. It’s basically a movie showing the heart, and almost all defects/problems can be detected by it (Common Tests for Heart Disease). These modern marvels of medicine are key to quick diagnosis and…show more content…
Some of these diseases sound dismal, but most have successful treatments. If someone has an arrhythmia, their doctor might prescribe beta blockers (Inherited Heart Conditions). These drugs lower high blood pressure and help prevent heart attacks (Merriam Webster). Other treatments include pacemakers or ICDs (Inherited Heart Conditions). A pacemaker is a small device put under the skin, next to the heart, to control irregular heartbeats. An implantable cardiac defibrillator, or ICD, detects rapid heart beats and then shocks the heart back into its normal rhythm. The device is about the size of a pocketwatch, and they all have built in pacemakers (National Library of Medicine). One of the newest, and somewhat controversial, treatments is gene therapy. Doctors try to introduce healthy genes into cells with mutated DNA. There are glitches in this system including how to insert the genes without changing the whole body. It will take many more years of researching to refine this course of treatment. Controversies arise about people abusing this method. Some are worried that people will use this to make themselves more athletic or intelligent (The Basics on Genetics and Genetic Disorders). Seeing as the testing isn’t even fully developed yet, this shouldn 't be a huge
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