Inhumane Treatment In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Imagine the world as you know it is no longer. The plain scentless air is now the stench of burned human flesh. You’re torn from your family not knowing their fate. You are no longer free to roam earth but now trapped in a torturous cage with the only escape being death. For Elie Wiesel and many other Jews of this time, this was their reality. It is estimated around 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust, each death leaving a scar on modern history, each death showing the monsters we all can be to our own people, or just revealing the monsters we truly are. Harsh changes were put on the Jews from the loss of basic human rights like freedom to the loss of lives. This inhumane treatment was done by their own kind, no sympathy, no empathy,…show more content…
The Jews were stripped from their basic god given human rights. The Jews were isolated in fenced towns called ghettos. Wiesel’s friend Moishe Chaim Berkowitz described his travels in Hungary and encounter with antisemitism, “The Jews of Budapest live in an atmosphere of fear and terror. Anti-Semitic acts take place everyday, in the streets, on the trains. The fascists attack Jewish stores, synagogues. The situation is becoming very serious…” (Night, Wiesel, 9). Soon after they were prohibited from owning gold, jewelry or any valuables and prohibited from being anywhere after six o’clock, both of these edicts came with the penalty of death if not followed. Jews had lost the basic right of freedom and religious freedom, one night referred to as as Kristallnacht where German forces and civilians smashed the windows of Jewish owned stores, buildings, and synagogues. Many died and were incarcerated in labor camps on this…show more content…
He was put into labor camps at a young age and was torn from his family. Like any other jew he was trapped in a ghetto, transported to a camp, and evaluated in the selection. He has gone through every painful event in the holocaust and the most painful event was knowing how his father died and that his father death brought him joy not sorrow. The Holocaust is an important because it shapes who he is. Wiesel wouldn 't have become a fighter for peace if he wouldn 't have experienced all the terrible thing his own kind did to him, the beatings, the hunger and the pain. Without the experience he would not be the same. Not fame wise, but all his work and want to bring peace all over like in African countries in need of
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