Inhumane Treatment Of Animals In Zoos And Aquariums

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In the movies Madagascar and We Bought a Zoo, zoos are portrayed as a happy place in which exotic animals are kept in secure exhibits and are open for the public. The dispute on whether it is unjust or acceptable to contain animals in zoos and aquariums has been going on for awhile. However, numerous people would argue that zoos and aquariums (aquariums are zoos that contain aquatic wildlife) are inhumane and that caging and confinement of innocent animals for our entertainment is undoubtedly cruel. Some think that zoos and aquariums are a great learning opportunity for researchers and the public as well as fostering an appreciation for animals. The exposure and education of animals inspires people to protect wildlife. However, the inhumane treatment of animals in these facilities are cruel and significantly outweigh the positives. Removing animals from their original home will continue to threaten the animal population in that area. This is so, because the remaining wildlife will be limited in diversity and it will be more difficult when mating. Zoos claim to help with conservation.…show more content…
Excellent examples of these advantages are appropriate nutrition and medical care for species that may not get them. Also, these animals are supervised by zookeepers and staff who are responsible to help them in the occurrence of an emergency. However, one issue that is occurring today is zoo and aquarium establishments are struggling financially. A primary reason for this complication is tremendous cost of managing the animals in the facility oppose to the minor income from the visits from customers and possibly other funds. Since this problem exist, animal facilities will not be about to afford proper food, medication, care, etc. that these exotic animals need. Not having proper care for these animals is not fair and
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